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    Contraceptive social marketing)…is tied to specific products…it seeks to change behavior…and in a very specific and measurable way."  - from review in "Studies in Family Planning" Dec, 2000, of Let Every Child Be Wanted: How Social Marketing is Revolutionizing Condom Use Around the World, by DKT International President Philip D. Harvey.
DKT Vietnam has been performing market-based distribution of contraceptives in Vietnam since 1993. The market-based model was the idea of DKT International President Philip D Harvey.
DKT Vietnam’s sole distributor of condoms and oral contraceptives is Tuan Phuong Co, ltd. Seven sales supervisors oversee about 72 sales representatives in the field, who sell contraceptives at subsidized prices to a network of 8.240 pharmacies, among others. Seven representatives also sell to 2,585 non-traditional outlets (NTOs), hotels, guesthouses, bars, karaokes and other places where most at-risk groups frequently visit. Salespeople are paid on a fixed salary and receive a performance-linked commission.

The Project funded by the Department for International Development (DFID) also provides 268 motivators in 21provinces/cities, and KFW project provides 79 motivators more in other 8 provinces, who sell the products through cigarette sellers, peer educators and NTOs.
Sales Manager- DKT Vietnam, on market-based activities in distribution of contraceptives:
What is the main scope market-based activity at DKT Vietnam?
Our products cover over 90% of pharmacies in all the 64 provinces and cities in Vietnam. A lot of entertainment establishments (EEs) where most-at-risk groups live and work also have our products available. That work is done by a nationwide distribution network with over 72 sales personnel.
What is the main goal?
To make products available for all people who need them and when they need them.
How much of your target have you reached?
Up to now we cover over 10,800 outlets including pharmacies and non-pharmacy outlets such as hotels, guesthouses, rest houses, bars, karaokes, cigarette vendors, etc. Up to Oct 2007, we distributed over 55 million condoms and 3.9 million cycles of oral contraceptives, equal to over 827,000 couple years of protection (CYPs)  - one couple year protection is equal to 100 condoms or 14 cycles of oral contraceptives sold.
Who are the other partners in DKT Vietnam’s market-based activity?
Our partners are pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies in both the private and public sectors, EE owners, peer educators and sales motivators.
How do you monitor the program?
Each salesperson in each area has around 100 to 200 outlets. Each day, they have a route to follow, and each route has about 20 to 25 outlets. Every 10 sales people are managed by a Regional Sales Supervisor (RSS), of which there are five. RSSs are supervised by DKT’s head office managers. Ninety per cent of RSS’ time is in the field checking our coverage in the market and evaluating sales performance on the basis of achievement, availability, visibility, etc
How will the program expand in the future?
In the future, we will expand our distribution network to rural and interior areas. There is a sizable need for family planning and disease prevention products in these areas, where a lot of vulnerable people need protection.
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